• Data Protection

    [The Guardian] Google to shut down Google+ after failing to disclose user data leak / [더 가디언] 정보 유출을 숨기다 구글+를 문 닫게 된 구글 관리자 2018년 11월 04일

    Google discovered that a bug in the API for Google+ had been allowing third-party app developers to access the data not just of users who had granted permission, but of their friends.


    Google had been hiding this data leak to avoid public criticism and potential regulatory enforcement. However, as the Wall Street Journal revealed this situation, Google seems to be going to suffer from many hardships.



    Source : https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/oct/08/google-plus-security-breach-wall-street-journal

    이전글 [The Guardian] \'Right to be forgotten\' could threaten global free speech, say NGOs / [가디언] ‘잊힐 권리\'는 세계 언론의 자유를 위협할 수 있다고 비정부 기구들이 지적하다.
    다음글 [The New York Times] How Game Apps That Captivate Kids Have Been Collecting Their Data / [뉴욕 타임즈] 아이들을 사로잡는 게임 앱은 어떻게 그들의 데이터를 수집하는가.