• Data Protection

    [Wall Street Journal] California Passes Sweeping Data-Privacy Bill / [월스트리트 저널] 캘리포니아 주에서 전면적인 프라이버시 데이터 법안이 통과되다. 관리자 2018년 07월 02일

    As the law was passed by California lawmakers, consumers have the strong right of their data to prohibit the sale of personal data to third parties and opt out of sharing it altogether. And tech industry including businesses of any size that collect data on their customers are applied to strick regulations for protecting privacy data.


    이전글 [The Guardian] Yahoo fined £250,000 for hack that impacted 515,000 UK accounts / [가디언] 계정 해킹 사건으로 영국 야후에 벌금 £250,000
    다음글 [Council of Europe (press release)] Mexico joins the data protection convention / [유럽이사회(보도자료)] 멕시코, 데이터 보호 조약에 가입하다