• Data Protection

    [The Guardian] Yahoo fined £250,000 for hack that impacted 515,000 UK accounts / [가디언] 계정 해킹 사건으로 영국 야후에 벌금 £250,000 관리자 2018년 07월 02일

    Yahoo has been fined £250,000 over a hack from 2014 that affected more than 515,000 UK email accounts, the Information Commissioner’s Office has announced. The personal data of 500m user accounts worldwide was compromised during a state-sponsored cyber attack in 2014, which was only revealed in 2016. The data protection watchdog said the internet firm had “failed to prevent” the Russia-sponsored hack, following an investigation carried out under the Data Protection Act 1998. ICO said Yahoo had failed to take appropriate measures to prevent the theft of data and failed to ensure that data was processed by appropriate data protection standards.

    Source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/jun/12/yahoo-fined-hack-ico-uk-accounts-russia

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