• Data Protection

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    74 [The New York Times] Intel-Drafted U.S. Data Privacy Bill Would Protect Firms From Fines / [뉴…   2018년 11월 29일 0
    73 [The New York Times] U.S. Justice Dept Meeting With State Officials Focuses on Data Privacy / […   2018년 11월 29일 0
    72 [The New York Times] How Game Apps That Captivate Kids Have Been Collecting Their Data / [뉴…   2018년 11월 04일 15
    71 [The Guardian] Google to shut down Google+ after failing to disclose user data leak / [더 가…   2018년 11월 04일 18
    70 [The Guardian] 'Right to be forgotten' could threaten global free speech, say NGOs / [가디…   2018년 11월 04일 17
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