• Cyber Security

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    79 [The Guardian] Facebook's security is so bad it's surprising Zuckerberg hasn't deleted his a…   2018년 11월 04일 77
    78 [The Guardian] British Airways customer data stolen from its website / British Airways 고객 …   2018년 11월 04일 85
    77 [The New York Times] Vietnam Says Controversial Cybersecurity Law Aims to Protect Online Rights…   2018년 08월 12일 110
    76 [The New York Times] White House Eliminates Cybersecurity Coordinator Role/ [뉴욕 타임즈] …   2018년 08월 12일 120
    75 [The New York Times] Singapore Disconnects Healthcare Computers From the Internet After Cyber A…   2018년 07월 30일 106
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