• Cyber Security

    [Jakarta Globe] Indonesia, Netherlands Expand Cooperation on Cybersecurity, Education, Maritime Cultural Heritage / [자카르타 글로브] 인도네시아와 네덜란드, 사이버안보와 교육, 그리고 해상문화유산에 대한 협력을 강화하다 관리자 2018년 07월 06일

    Indonesia and Netherlands signed a letter of intent, in order to strengthen mutual cooperation on cybersecurity. According to Stef Block, who is Dutch Foreign Minister, announced that Indonesia and the Netherlands face similar challenges in terms of fighting against terrorism. They agreed to launch bilateral cyber-dialogue, in order to discuss how to enhance capabilities related to cybersecurity as well as share experience on cyber-legislation and protecting vital cyber-infrastructure.


    이전글 [The Guardians] European regulators report sharp rise in complaints after GDPR / [가디언] 유럽 규제 당국이 GDPR 이후 급격한 항의 증가를 보고하다.
    다음글 [The Japan Times] Japan crafts new cybersecurity strategy for 2020 Tokyo Olympics / [재팬 타임즈] 일본, 2020년 도쿄 올림픽을 위한 새로운 사이버 보안 전략 개발